Fashion and Lifestyle

Sample One

Title: 3 Reasons To Bring Merino Wool On Your Next Getaway
Word Count: 300+
Byline: Ghostwritten.


Looking to hit the gym or trails on your next trip? Merino wool shirts dry fast, aren’t stinky, and are lightweight. If you’re too rushed to change outfits between adventures, you’re in luck, because these shirts won’t wrinkle either, making you instantly ready for lunch, dinner, and everything else – especially if you get your hands on something like an Unbound Merino shirt, which has a straightforward, versatile design suited to just about any scenario. Wool is also a natural fibre, so it will adjust to your body’s temperature: When you’re hot, it keeps you cool; when you’re cold, it warms you up. Any article of clothing willing to pull double duty like that will definitely increase your luggage’s capacity, saving you room for bringing home awesome mementos instead of dirty laundry.

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Sample Two

Title: Not Your Average Fashion Trend: The Fascinating History of Essential Oils in Beauty
Word Count: 300+
Byline: Ghostwritten.


The following suggested essential oil uses are popular for improving the condition of hair, skin, and nails, but you should always test for sensitivities on a small section of your skin.

Oils should always be applied with a carrier oil before application. Since oils are highly concentrated chemical formulas, they need to be diluted to avoid unpleasant reactions. Carrier oils include coconut, avocado, and sesame oils–those allergic to any of those substances should avoid them.

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