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Sample One

Word Count: N/A
Byline: Ghostwritten. Ongoing client; writing in client’s voice.

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We want you to consider what happens if your sense of proprioception is impaired. Your proprioception breaks down through persistent pain, age, and injuries. Without rehabilitation, your body’s crucial sensory communication processes become interrupted, making you prone to increased pain, decreased coordination, and reinjury.

Sample Two

Title: Foods to Promote Agility & Strength in Middle-Aged Years
Word Count: 352
Byline: Ghostwritten.


Rebuilding tissue post-injury requires protein, an essential component of any athlete’s diet. Protein is significantly important to adults over 50–it contains essential amino acids that aid in healing (and preventing) bone fractures. Incorporating extra protein into an existing diet is easy: yogurt, hard-boiled eggs added as a salad condiment, and soy or kidney beans are inexpensive and versatile choices.

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Sample Three

Title: How to Be the Grandparent That Can Play With My Grandkids
Word Count: 273
Byline: Ghostwritten.


Yoga’s a perennial favorite for fitness enthusiasts of all ages. Active adults enjoy its go-at-your-own-pace style and emphasis on gentle stretching. Yoga is also accessible, with classes typically available at local gyms and community centers–sometimes instructors even offer senior-specific sessions. Another benefit: It’s a full-body workout.

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